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sexta-feira, 17 de junho de 2005


Eric Fischl (II)

Eric Fischl, The bed, the chair, projection, 2001.

How I make a painting, picture it...
A bowl of fruit. Yes fruit! Apples and oranges but especially bananas. I love to paint bananas; big bananas. Pan across the bowl of fruit...
Where is it? A bedroom? Ah! a bedroom. Put in the bed. Put in a window. Pull the blinds. Light streaming through the bamboo curtains. Southern light, feel the heat. Border town. Borderline behavior. Put in table. Install the phone. What if someone calls? Take the phone off the hook.
Anyone home? A couple's on the bed. What've they been doing? Feel the heat!
No, he's not right. He has to go. She rolls over. Hot, idle, a little bored, she's picking at her toenail. Look what she's showing us! A real looker. Eyeful. She's not alone. There is a child on the bed looking out the window.
Who are these people? She's old enough to be his mother. She is his mother! Feel the heat. Feel the edge.
He gets off the bed; goes to the table. He can't take his eyes off her. What's he doing now? Reaching back behind him. He's reaching into her purse. Change the telephone to a purse. He's going through her purse. He's stealing her wallet! Bad boy.

Eric Fischl, Bad boy, 1981.

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